Djemini & The Mercuries "JUST A PAWN?" LIVE

Djemini - "GONE" (Official Video)

Djemini - "FEININ" (Official Video)

Djemini - "MINE" (Official Video)

Djemini - "SOFTLY" (Official Video)

Djemini - "Bouquet" (Official Video)


Since I was little, I dreamed of performing my own original songs.

My parents raised me with an eclectic music taste with artists ranging from Hall & Oates to Michael Jackson, Elvis, Usher, Eminem, and more. They put me in piano lessons early on and then I picked up the guitar during my freshman year of college.

As soon as I did, I started to write original songs and music became one of the things that I was known for around campus.

Right before the pandemic, I released my first songs ever under a different artist name, then I took a two year hiatus as I graduated college and got my footing post grad.

​During the Summer of 2022 I was writing a ton of new music after a breakup and the Djemini era began.

Throughout 2023, I wrote over 160 new original songs and released four singles. We started 2024 with the rollout of my debut EP "JUST A PAWN?" 4 singles. 4 Videos. 8 Weeks.

The EP is finally here and you can listen to the entire project with the links above and the live full band version is available as well.

On this page you can listen to my music, find out when I am performing next and more.

Enjoy! Thanks for being here.